Sunday, 9 July 2017

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy Recently

Do you ever have those weeks where literally nothing goes right? That is the exact explanation of my week.  From the moment I woke up each day, little things would be going wrong and they all built up to the main climax - my house got broken in to and my TV got stolen.  No lie.  So yeah, as you can imagine it has been particularly difficult maintaining my usual positive self this week.  Which is why I thought I would do this blog post today.  Sometimes when everything is going wrong and you think it is impossible to be happy, it is important to remind yourself that life isn't completely terrible and there are little rays of sunshine in your life (even if they are currently covered by clouds).

1 Cute evening walks with my best friends
The other day I met up with two of my best friends for an evening walk and it was so nice to just unload to them and moan about my terrible week.  It was also such a beautiful setting with the river and the bridges and all the trees that I felt so peaceful and at one with nature.  Sometimes something as simple as this can put a massive smile on your face and remind you that you that even if you don't have a TV anymore, you do have some fabby friends in your life.

2 Winning a bottle of wine
Yesterday I went to my annual village fete for the first time in years and managed to win myself a bottle of white wine (my fave) on the tombola.  I never win anything so perhaps this is a sign that things are beginning to look up.  I think I'll go more often now. 
3 My summer rewind playlist
I have Spotify to thank for this one.  Last week I was browsing through Spotify and came across this personalised playlist which had been made by Spotify themselves containing all the throwbacks I was listening to last summer.  Last summer was so amazing as I had just learnt to drive and I had just turned 18 - the summer of freedom.  I physically cannot listen to this playlist without feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  As sad as it sounds, all I can think about when I listen to these songs is driving home after work on a Saturday and getting all excited for a night out.  It's just a v happy playlist.
4 The sunny sunshine
Britain is notoriously known for it's terrible weather and lack of summer.  However, this year we have been having a much better summer than usual with the temperature reaching around 26/27 degrees everyday (with the odd day of rain here and there, of course).  There's something about waking up to a bright, blue sky which instantly puts me in a good mood.  How can I be unhappy knowing I can spend my whole day outside in the sun, getting a tan and sipping on cider?
5 Finding my old scrapbook
A couple of days ago I was sorting through my wardrobe and came across a scrapbook I had made about my family and friends when I was in primary school.  This definitely cheered me up - my mum and I were crying with laughter whilst flipping through this book.  

6 Planning a trip to Newcastle
When you're at University your friends become more of your family, so coming home for the summer has made me REALLY miss them.  Therefore, to cheer myself up I have planned a 4 day trip to Newcastle to go and visit my friends.  Not only am I so excited to be reunited with my loved ones, this will also be my first time in Newcastle and I just love visiting new places.  When you're feeling down it certainly helps to have things to look forward to.

7 Snickers ice-cream
Something that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face is food.  Especially chocolatey ice-cream.  So this week I treated myself to some snickers ice-cream because lets be honest, ice-cream ALWAYS helps.

8 Birthday planning
July is my birthday month which means it's time for me to begin planning my birthday.  Again, this is something to distract me from the tougher times by giving me something to look forward to.  And I just LOVE birthdays.
A photo from my birthday last year
9 Getting a 2:1 in my first year of University
Tuesday was my first University results day and I was pleasantly surprised to find out I'd got a 2:1.  After thinking I'd spent my whole year as a fresher in  a constant state of being drunk or hungover, it appears I did do some work and that work did in fact pay off.  Now time to get more drunk to celebrate.

10 My dog
Everyone who knows me knows how much I adore my dog.  When I'm feeling upset he is the very first person (well animal) I go to for a big cuddle.  There is nothing that makes me feel more chilled out than led on the sofa with my dog watching rubbish TV.  I am so so grateful for having his cute ,little face in my life. 
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