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19 Goals For 19

As I spoke about in one of my previous blog posts, this week I turned 19.  I love to use birthdays and the fact you're a year older and a year wiser as a fresh start - a chance to improve on the previous year.  Therefore, I love setting myself some goals on what I want to achieve in the next year.  I thought I would document this on my blog so I can look back in a years time, on my 20th birthday, and see if I really have achieved what I want to.  So wish me luck on my mission to complete these 19 goals over the next year - I truly hope I do.
1 Travel more.  During my year of being 18 I definitely got the bug for travelling.  This summer I stayed in a hostel for the very first time and it made me realise how cheap travelling can be for young people.  As a result, i have made a humongous list of places I would like to visit.  I hope during my 19th year I can tick off a few of these places.
2 Plan my year in Australia.  On a similar note, Australia is somewhere I have ALWAYS wanted to visit.  I'm hoping to work for a year in Australia in 2019.  I'm not sure how possible this actually is for me but this year I plan to find out all about it. One step closer to making my dream come true.
3 Explore Leeds more.  Before starting at the University of Leeds, I had never visited Leeds (or the North of England to be fair). There are so many places I want to explore in and around Leeds and I am going to make it my mission to visit them this year. My first year at University was all about settling in, i'm going to make my second year all about exploring.
4 Be more organised.  Since starting University I have really learnt the importance of being organised.  My first year at University was an absolute shambles and I was definitely not organised.  As I am now a year older and more responsible (ish) I want to become more organised, use a diary or create a timetable.  I am going to pull my socks up and get my life together.
5 Get a six-pack and learn to do the splits.  Bit of an unrealistic goal, I know.  Of course I don't expect to achieve both in a year, however they're the end end goals.  This year I really want to work out more, get more flexible for cheerleading and just get my butt in shape.
6 Paint my nails more.  I don't know about you, but having painted nails certainly makes me feel as though i have my life together.  BUT, I can be quite lazy at times.  So, this year I want to make a bit more of an effort and paint my nails more often so I at least look like I have my life together from the outside. 
7 Improve my photography.  Since starting my blog, I definitely think my photography skills have improved.  However, I am fully aware that there is A LOT of room for improvement.  I would like to spend this next year experimenting with my photography and improving it so I can be truly happy with my blog.
8 Save up for a camera.  Similarly, I would like to save some pennies for a good camera.  As much as I love using my trusty phone for photos, I am aware the quality of photographs looks so much better on a camera.  Once I feel as though my photography skills have improved enough, I will start to save.

9 Improve my writing.  Another way I think I could improve my blog is by improving my writing.  I tend to write how I speak and I definitely think that is the writing style for me but i would like to improve the fluency and grammar of my writing so it is perfectly polished.

10 Read more books.  Growing up I always had my head stuck in a book.  Nowadays, what with work and University, I find it difficult to find time to read.  This year I want to make more of an effort in finding the time to discover new books and reignite my love for reading.

11 Find a good TV series.  Apart from my obsession with Gossip Girl, I've never been the kind of girl to watch lots of series on Netflix.  However, i'm always envious when my friends are discussing their favourite series as I want to join in their conversations too.  Therefore, this year I want to dedicate some time to watching a new series and hopefully finding one I love (almost) as much as Gossip Girl.  If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

12 Buy new underwear.  I've never been the kind of girl to spend lots of money on underwear, preferring to spend my cash on clothes or make up.  I've always had the mind set that no one else is going to see it so why should I bother.  However, there are so many pretty bras out there at the moment and I certainly agree with the motto 'if you feel good, you look good' so this year I am going to treat myself to some new underwear.

13 Stop being such a nervy parker.  Soon after I had passed my driving test, I unfortunately crashed my car into a concrete bollard whilst trying to park.  As a result, I now have a massive fear of parking and will go out of my way to look for areas with lots of free parking spaces rather than choosing the easy option between two cars. However, recently I have been beginning to challenge myself and choose a more difficult space to park each day. This year i want to continue to challenge myself and hopefully get over my fear by my 20th birthday. 

14 Be more exotic and inventive with my cooking.  I have honestly loved cooking for myself this past year whilst at University but I tend to stick to the same meals.  This year I would like to be more creative with my cooking, perhaps buy a cook book and try new meals.

15 Make my own lunch.  Basically, STOP BUYING MEAL DEALS.  I would save so much money if i made my own sandwiches rather than buying a meal deal everyday.  Perhaps as an incentive I will tell myself that the money i save from not buying meal deals can go towards a new camera!

16 Go to more concerts/gigs.  During my 18th year I certainly went to more concerts and gigs.  I may only live in a big city like Leeds once so I want to make the most of the fact I live in walking distance of all the venues and continue to go to as many gigs as I want.

17 Say yes. This is a motto I started using whilst being 18 and I love it so much I am continuing it into my 19th year.  Basically, I want to say yes to everything.  Whether that's something that scares me or something that I would love but just can't be bothered to do.  I want to make the most of all opportunities I get and make as many memories as possible.

18 Leave people in the past.  During my 18th year, I spent way too much time being upset over people that didn't care so much about me.  As i said, I see birthdays as a fresh start and a time for change.  Therefore, I am going to leave those people and the upset in the past and move forwards with the people I love and who care about me.

19 Smile everyday.  We are all guilty of forgetting sometimes how lucky and fortunate we are.  There are so many people worse off than us facing terrible circumstances that the things that may be dampening our moods are nothing in comparison.  Therefore, I want to continue to remember this everyday and just keep smiling!

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  1. I LOVE your idea and your goals!! Wish you all the best for the next year.:)

  2. Great goals!! Nice that you have put them down, now it's easy to come check them up again after some time :) And congrats for your birthday <3

  3. Great goals!! And nice that you have put them down here, now it's easy to come and check them up after some time :) and or course, congrats for your birthday <3


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