Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

As a student, high end make up only features in my life in dream form.  The majority of my make up collection is made up of affordable drugstore products.  I mean, I can't really justify spending my last £40 on a new eyeshadow palette when I haven't bought anything for my dinner yet.  However, we are all allowed a guilty pleasure, right?  Right!  And my make up guilty pleasure that I cannot live without is my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.  I first discovered this foundation during sixth form when I didn't have so many adult responsibilities and could spend all of my last money that I made from my Saturday job on makeup (made worse by the fact I worked in a Boots). I tried and tested a few high end foundations but if I'm honest I didn't really see the hype.  Until I purchased this one...and my gosh, did I see the hype!!! 

I think the first time I wore this foundation was to a classic 16th birthday house party and I was absolutely amazed to find that at the end of the night it still looked as perfect as it did at the beginning.  Ever since that night I have been obsessed with this foundation and have continued to repurchase it again and again.  It is the only foundation I can fully trust and rely on and it never lets me down.  Because this foundation has '24-hour staying power', the consistency of this foundation is quite thick and therefore I tend to keep it for special occasions and nights out only, preferring a lighter foundation for every day.  As a result, it means that this foundation lasts me AGES.  For example, the one I own now has lasted me just over a year which is great considering it retails for £32.50 which is way too pricey for me to be purchasing all the time.

Despite the thick consistency of this foundation, it still feels lightweight and comfortable on the skin.  Therefore, if you do like a high coverage foundation for during the day that can withstand a busy lifestyle with lots of rushing around, this foundation is for you.  It also means if you're lazy like me, you will not need to keep touching up your make up throughout the day. There is also a  Double Wear Light foundation which is the same product with a lighter consistency which I refuse to try because I know I will fall in love with it as an everyday foundation and my purse just cannot stretch for a second Estee Lauder love affair. 

There is no other foundation that makes me feel more ready for a night out than this one.  So thank you Estee Lauder for creating a foundation that allows me to dance all night long without looking like a sweaty mess by the end of the night!

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