Monday, 17 July 2017

Motivational Monday | Good Thoughts

Happy Monday lovelies!  I know I shouldn't copy and jump on this 'Motivational Monday' bandwagon but I just think the idea is brilliant.  I absolutely LOVE a good motivational quote that I find relatable and what better day to do it on than a Monday when everyone is all feeling a bit down in the dumps because it's back to work or school or Uni.  We all need someone to shine some good thoughts towards us on a Monday morning! 

Todays motivational quote of the day is one of my all time favourites.  Growing up I loved to read and Roald Dahl was one of the most featured authors in my book case.  I probably didn't give much thought to this quote when I read it as a child but now I'm older I couldn't agree with it more.  As a child I used to look up to certain celebrities who I thought were beautiful based purely on their looks, now as an adult the people I see as being beautiful are the people who are kind and loving and thoughtful.  Last night I was looking through old photographs with my mum and I found some pictures of my sister and her classmates when she was in Year 1 at a wedding.  My mum told me it was their teachers wedding.  Their teacher who they were only going to spend one year with had invited her whole class of 20+ 5-6 year olds to her wedding, had given all of the girls flowers and had taken the time out on her wedding day to take lots of pictures with them.  This literally made my heart feel happy.  I couldn't believe that someone could be this loving and selfless and thoughtful.  She may not have been as visually gorgeous as Kim K or BeyoncĂ©, but in that moment she appeared to me as the most beautiful woman in the world. 

And it's just so true, someone could be the most attractive person in the world but if they are unkind or horrible to others, they don't look so lovely and they don't radiate sunbeams and they definitely lose some of their attractiveness in my opinion.  Nowadays I no longer compare people on their physical looks but on their personality.  I compare people on whether they are a good person or not, whether they're loving and caring to others.  And when they are genuinely loving and caring to others it really does shine through their smile, through their eyes and through their body language and they do look truly lovely.

So today on this beautiful Monday morning, try to remember to be kind and thoughtful to others and I promise you, you will be glowing and looking lovely all day.

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