Tuesday, 4 July 2017

My Trip to Budapest

I have recently returned back to England from a 5 day trip to the buda-ful city of Budapest and I am definitely feeling the Buda Blues now.  Today I thought I would do a bit of a run through of my main highlights so I can remember this fab holiday for years to come.
Day 1 Arriving in Budapest
We arrived in Budapest quite late in the day and used public transport (which I must add went very smoothly) to get us from the airport to the hostel where we were staying.  This was my first ever experience of staying in a hostel so I didn't really know what to expect.  We were greeted by really friendly receptionists who kindly sorted it out so my friends and I could all be in the same room even though we thought we would have to be split up.  The rooms were a really good size, relatively clean and with really good facilities.  Overall, my first experience of staying in a hostel was a really pleasant one and I no longer feel weary of staying in hostels in the future.  So, thank you Wombats City Hostel, you were a DELIGHT!

Day 2 How much sightseeing can you fit in one day?
Due to coming back and crashing straight after dinner the night before, we were able to make an early start for our first full day in Budapest.  Our mission for the day was to do as much sightseeing as possible.  We walked up the really big, steep hill (with a sit down break every 5 minutes) to the Buda Castle which gave us a great view over Budapest and of the Hungarian Parliament Building.  From here we then walked to the Matthias Church and the Fisherman's Bastion which was super pretty.  Then, we crossed back over the bridge to go visit the Parliament building which is equally gorgeous and a definite MUST SEE if you're in Budapest.  We spent the rest of the day wandering around and seeing the different sites of the city, before heading back to the Hostel to get ready for a night out.  A day filled of walking and dancing.
Day 3 Boat riding
After a bit of a later start following our night out, we took a walk over to the Great Market Hall which is the largest and oldest indoor market in Budapest.  It was really interesting to see the Hungarian clothes and dolls that were being sold.  I was also able to get the nicest glass of freshly squeezed orange juice which definitely helped the hangover.  After all, no one wants to be getting on a boat hungover.  The boat ride was one of my highlights as it was nice to just sit back and relax in the sun whilst seeing the Budapest sights.  However, we did pay for the boat that was supposed to stop at Margaret Island but unfortunately we were silly enough to get on the wrong boat which did not stop... annoying!!! After dinner, we decided to walk around and see the sights again but this time at night and I am so glad we did because it was BEAUTIFUL.  Day 3, you did not disappoint!
Day 4 Spa time!!!
Have you really gone to Budapest if you haven't visited the baths?  We went to the Szechenyi baths (trying saying that really fast 3 times) which are the largest baths in Europe.  We definitely chose the perfect day to go as it was around 33 degrees so when we weren't in the water we could lay around sunbathing outside - it meant we were able to make a proper day of it.  The outside baths were so nice and the buildings looked incredible but the inside baths looked a bit gross with unidentified objects floating about so we stayed clear of them.  That night we went out again but this time we visited the ruined bars which were really different to anywhere I have been before and it was nice to get a cocktail or two. 
Day 5 Museuming it up
Our last day was a bit of a slow day.  We had to be out of the hostel by 10 am which was not ideal considering we had gone out the night before.  After breakfast, we headed over to the Parliament Museum which was really interesting and FREE.  Following that, we went for a bit of wander, had a bit of lunch then went back to the hostel to chill out until we had to leave.  All in all, Budapest you were a beautiful city and I am so glad I chose to visit you. 
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