Monday, 3 July 2017

Top 10 Drugstore Summer Beauty Essentials

Strange things have been occurring here in the UK over the past month - for once we have had quite a long spell of hot and sunny days which seem to resemble some sort of actual summer, something we don't normally have.  Mad, I KNOW!  I am such a summer baby and any sign of sunshine puts me in such a happy and carefree mood.  There is nothing better than being able to sit outside all day whilst getting a tan and eating lots and lots of ice cream.  However, my beauty regime changes quite a bit during the summer and there are some items which I find are absolutely essential.  These are my top 10 favourite drugstore summer beauty items which I use religiously throughout the summer. 

1 Soltan Once Face Moisturising Suncare Cream SPF30
As I tend not to burn, I am incredibly guilty of not really using suncream on my body.  However, I do know how important it is to protect your face, neck and shoulders from the sun as these are the areas where you will see skin damage first.  Therefore, I never go out in the sun unless I am wearing a foundation with SPF or a suncream.  This Soltan cream is by far my favourite one yet as it is moisturising so keeps your skin feeling hydrated, it feels lightweight and not too sticky and it gives up to 8 hours of sun protection.  Additionally, it also comes in a really handy travel size which can be popped in your hand bag so you can continue to reapply it all day.  You can't really get more 'summer essential' than a sun cream, can you?
2 Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Body Cream
As we have all probably learnt from past mistakes, if you do not keep moisturised after being outside and getting a tan, YOU WILL PEEL!  And as we all also know, peeling is not a pretty site.  Therefore, a body moisturiser is an absolutely vital summer beauty product.  Embracing my inner 13 year old, I am still a lover of all things Soap & Glory.  This is just one of my many favourite Soap & Glory moisturisers which I use to keep my skin soft and smooth throughout the summer whilst also smelling yummy.
3 Garnier Summer Body Lotion
This is a product which I have not had to use this summer as I went on holiday right at the beginning so I already had a pretty even tan.  However, usually this is not the case.  I'm not sure about you but I feel like when I'm in the UK I don't feel comfortable getting my legs out unless it is CRAZY hot weather. As a result, I tend to go out in a vest top and trousers meaning I get a fab upper body tan whilst still being as a pale a ghost on my lower body.  This is where the Garnier Summer Body Lotion comes into the mix to sort out my legs.  The lotion is essentially a moisturiser which gradually builds a natural looking tan - which appeals far more to me than a scary, threatening fake tan.  I use this on my legs to make them look a bit more tanned without too much effort.  I have stuck with this lotion rather than trying any other because I find it to be fast-absorbing, extremely moisturising and oh my gosh it smells AMAZING.
4 VO5 Heat Protect Spray
As your skin needs protecting from the rays of the sun, so does your hair!  Now I don't tend to use straighteners or curlers when it's really hot as I know as soon as I go outside it will just flop and look a mess.  However, the sun still gives off A LOT of heat meaning it needs a heat protectant spray to stop it from getting damaged.  This VO5 product is one I have used for many years as it is cheap and cheerful and does the job very well indeed!
5 Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Matt Texturizing Salt Spray
If there is any product that screams summer to me, it is this one - it smells like summer, it looks like summer, IT IS SUMMER.  If this product had to be described in one sentence it would be: 'how to look like an Australian beach babe who has just been surfing in one easy step.'  I have used this salt spray every summer since I was in school.  It is perfect for days where you just can't be bothered to style your hair so you spray this in, scrunch it up with your hands and it gives you the 'effortless beach hair' look.  The best product to cut your getting ready schedule in half.
6 NO7 Skin Illuminator
When it's really hot outside, I tend to keep my make up to a bare minimum if I wear any at all.  The reason for this is that I like my skin to look as glowy and tanned as possible but mainly we all know that make up and hot weather do not make for a good cocktail.  To achieve this natural, glowy look I literally just apply this skin illuminator all over my moisturised face and ta da, YOU ARE GLOWING.  Honestly, it's just the prettiest little product, I love it!!!! Thank YOU NO7.
7 Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
As I have said, I don't really tend to wear much makeup during the summer.  What I do like to wear though is a bit of concealer under my eyes and on any red patches to make me look a little bit more awake and ready for the day.  My choice of concealer, which I use everyday anyway, is the classic Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer as I have tried so many different ones but this definitely does the job best and feels the nicest in my opinion.
8 NO7 Youthful CC Cream
If I am having a really bad skin day or I just want to look a little nicer, I will apply some of this CC cream with a damp sponge all over my face.  It feels nothing like a foundation as it is so light weight and it doesn't start to feel gross when you get all hot and sticky.  It essentially works by giving you an even complexion by correcting uneven skin colour and pigmentation - it does not cover things up so you still look super fresh and natural.  My foundation gets well and truly dumped in the summer to make room for my summer romance with my CC cream.  

9 L'Oréal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist
Of course there will be moments throughout summer where you do want to put on your make up and look pretty.  However, give it 2 hours in the hot sun and your make up will not be looking so pretty.  As a result, I use a fixing mist over my make up which helps to keep it in place and stops me from sweating it all off (disgusting, I know).  This L'Oréal fixing mist has become such an essential that I can no longer do my make up without putting it on after.  Also, if it does nothing else, it will cool your face down. 
10) Lip Balms
Just like it is important to keep your skin moisturised, it is also important to keep your lips moisturised as they can get pretty dry in the summer with the hot weather.  I have an absolute abundance of lip balms in my make up collection from a Boot's essentials lipsalve to a slightly more expensive Body Shop lip balm.  As a result, I tend to make sure that I have one in every bag I use so I always have one on hand and can continue to apply whenever I need to.


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