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What's In My Bag | Travel Edition

What's in my bag blog posts are one of my all time favourite posts to read.  I think it's probably because I'm a little bit nosy and love to find out what people are carrying around with them.  As a result, I thought I would give you lovely people a bit of an insight into what is in my bag (minus the mountains of hairbands, receipts and coins swimming around) but with a bit of a twist.  This week I am going to visit my friend who lives in Newcastle.  This is a five hour journey on the train for me so I thought I would show you what I will be carrying in my bag for this journey. I've tried to keep it super simple with just the essentials as I wont want to be lugging a super heavy back pack around (on top of my suitcase) when I am having to get multiple trains and tubes.  I hope you enjoy finding out what I will be taking in my bag.

The Bag
For long journeys where I will be hopping on and off of trains with a suitcase, I prefer to use a backpack rather than a handbag.  It means I can just sling it over both shoulders so it is out of the way and I have both hands free to manoeuvre the suitcase.  My favourite backpack of all time is this plain black one from Topshop.  I have had it for a couple of years now and I used it religiously at college which shows that it is such good quality for lasting that long.  It's a perfect size to fit everything I need into it and it is made out of very sturdy leather so it keeps everything in place.  Overall, my favourite bag to travel with.

The first thing that will always be in my bag for travelling is my purse.  This will contain my bank cards, money, ID and loyalty cards.  This is also the place where I will keep my train tickets and railcard.  The purse I use is this gorgeous, mustard purse from Accessorize.  I love the colour of this purse so much and I love how it adds a bit of vibrancy to my more classic, plain backpack.  The purse is a really good size with lots of space for cards (and I have card for absolutely everywhere so this is vital) and a zip compartment so I can keep my money secure.  Accessorize has to be one of my favourite shops to buy bags and purses, especially when they have a sale on!

Of course, I have my phone!  An absolute essential for travelling - be that for checking the time, using maps to find out where I are, taking pictures or just for playing a game to pass the time.  My phone is a (badly cracked) IPhone 6S which was the very first IPhone I ever owned, so it holds a special place in my heart.  My phone case is getting a bit old but is a super cute transparent, flexible case with little cats all over it from EBay.  I so need to buy a new one but I'm not ready to part with it just yet.

There is absolutely no way I could deal with long journeys without my headphones.  I use my headphones to listen to my playlists on Spotify and it definitely helps to pass the time.  If I'm lucky and the train has internet I will also use my headphones to listen to YouTube videos or the radio.  Headphones are also great for blocking out the noise of others - such as crying babies or loud eaters.

Portable Charger
If I am using my phone constantly on long journeys (which I usually am), it will run out of battery.  This is not ideal when you are going to a new place and need to find out where you going.  Therefore, I always bring my portable charger for emergencies.  This just means I can listen to my music or watch a film for the whole journey without worrying that my phone will die on me.  My portable charger was around £8 from Primark.  I was a bit dubious as to whether it would actually work but it is actually pretty good.  It will charge your phone to 100% at least two times, which is definitely enough!

Notebook and Pen

I always love to bring a notebook with me on long journeys.  I constantly have little thoughts and ideas pop into my head that I feel I need to write down or I'll forget so it is certainly essential on a long solo journey where I have masses of time to think.  I also use notebooks so much more nowadays for planning blog posts so it means I can utilise my time a bit more and be productive rather than spending five hours playing Candy Crush.

Water Bottle
An essential in keeping hydrated.  On long journeys on trains and undergrounds I often find myself getting a dry throat so having a bottle of water is a necessity for me.  It also comes in handy when you're having an embarrassing coughing fit in the quiet area of the train.

Hand Gel

Hopping on and off of public transport all day definitely means you are going to come into contact with some germs.  I get really paranoid when I'm holding onto the handles on the underground that I'm getting peoples cough and cold germs all over me so having hand gel in my bag helps to fight these fears away (quite literally).  Bye bye bacteria.

Lip Balm

Not only do I hate germs, I also hate having dry lips.  My lips tend to get quite dry on certain types of transport so I love to have a lip balm on hand so I can re-apply it throughout the day keeping my lips nice and smooth.  The one I have in this bag is a Nivea Raspberry Rose one which smells so delicious!

I would love to hear what your travel bag essentials are!

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  1. Your notebook look so cool!
    Thank you for sharing x

  2. great blog post! :)
    I just started my own blog, so please feel free to answer the survey on it <3

  3. I absolutley adore your notebook! (i'm a little bit of a notebook hoarder myself haha) also the marble in the background of your photos are adorable!)


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